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Nationwide Pet Insurance®

Nationwide Pet Insurance® provides affordable pet health coverage from preventative care to significant medical incidents. NHSACA members are eligible for a 5% discount (or more for multiple pets) which makes this peace-of-mind protection even more affordable. Find out why Nationwide is the #1 choice in America for pet insurance. Click here to enroll or get more information.

Life Insurance Central®

NHSACA thinks the best way to shop for Life Insurance is through Life Insurance Central®. That's because as a NHSACA Member, Life Insurance Central® helps you, and your family continue to live as they do now, should a fatal accident occur. Get a NO-COST COMPARISON QUOTE or call 1-800-261-5302 x9723 to speak directly with a licensed agent!

Long Term Care Resources

​How will you spend the years ahead?

That may depend on the long-term care insurance you choose today. Like most people, you probably recognize the need for long-term care insurance. It's not simply "nursing home" coverage, but insurance that helps assure you of continued independence as you age - without depleting the personal assets you've worked hard to acquire. But choosing the right protection from the many plans available can be a daunting task. Long Term Care Resources has partnered with the NHSACA to offer a comprehensive Long Term Care Program. NHSACA members are entitled to a special discount on certain LTC plans available through this program. Call Long Term Care Resources today to receive a FREE NHSACA Long Term Care Planning Kit. 

To speak with an authorized LTC Specialist in your area, please contact LTCR Toll Free at (800) 616-8759 or visit us on the web.